Building Resilience

learning retreats for women

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Building Resilience

life coaching and


learning retreats


for women




Reframe, rewire, relax, recharge

Do these words resonate with you? Do you want more resilience?


Then chances are you're longing to have time just for you.

You may also be searching for learning and guidance to help with life's challenges.


Some resilience with a zing will do the trick - Zilience.


Zilience ​Life Coaching

Resilience with a zing is truly achievable with Adele as your Life Coach.

Your worthiness and happiness are crucial not only for you but also for all those around you. The guidance of a Life Coach is an essential and exciting way to help you live the life you love. 

As your qualified and professional Life Coach, Adele will help you navigate life's choices to discover and celebrate your true potential and worthiness. 

Face-to-face or long distance, Adele offers one-on-one coaching in a truly relaxing, welcoming and unique environment. A favourite spot for her coaching sessions is the purpose-built 'She Shack' overlooking the small lake on her Mapua property, near Nelson.

Empower yourself to be the best you want to be!


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Zilience Calm - three day women's learning retreats

A self-coaching learning retreat for women, Zilience Calm gives you the time and place for you to re-connect, re-energise, and embolden yourself so you can welcome each new day with an increased inner strength and joy.

We will guide you through a range of tools and techniques, backed up by scientific research and current best practice. 

Not only this, but you also you get to stay at award-winning The Gates, close to Mapua seaside village, not far from Nelson, and sample wondrous food and drink at the famous cafes on the Mapua Wharf. 

Come for your retreat and stay longer if you wish - there’s so much to see and do.


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The Zilience recipe

Take a deck, a Magnolia, magic and magnificient
Coffee, camaraderie, two time-honoured friends
Add a shower of sunshine, a sprinkling of spring
Stir in an attitude of abundance mixed with
Several spoonfuls of willingness, heaped
Carefully fold in thoughts and themes
Test, taste, and season as required
Test, taste, again and again
Pour into an ample tin and
Bake for many months
Until – it rises and 
Bounces back to 
The touch
Allow to 
Then – 
Take it 
Out, ice 
With love
Check it for
Readiness with
Wonderful Women 
Living life, loving life 
Launching with lunch 
A side of life coaching 
Learning and such calm 
Resilience with a Zing 


Zilience vision

We want to share the peace and tranquillity of The Gates, our skills, and the lessons we've learnt through our own professional and personal lives about resilience to uplift and empower other women.

“An incredible experience which has left me with an inner strength and energy, drawing on all my resources and put a 'zing' in my step!” 


"You two as facilitators were great...and the three presentations by Lea, Christine and Sue were very professional and good value for money."
“Loved the general ambience of the accommodation and the feeling of peace and warmth in the surroundings. ” 


"You could almost say I am a new woman!! Thank you all for a weekend I will not forget."

-  Cathy, Zilience Calm Retreat 2018


Adele Smith

Katherine speaking about Adele:


Adele and her home in Mapua have long been my refuge from the stresses of my own life. One day, sipping coffee on Adele's deck admiring her Magnolia tree in flower, I wondered aloud whether we could use her various boutique accommodations at The Gates to give other women the wonderful respite I experience there.


Taking things a leap further and thinking way outside the box as usual, Adele suggested we could also share our experience and knowledge to assist others on their life journeys.


Visionary and creative, with a loving and positive energy, Adele makes things happen, while bringing lots of fun to the process. This vision, creativity and can-do attitude have been key to the development and success of the accommodation business she runs with her husband Roger, and her many other projects including Zilience.


Being a qualified training practitioner, and earlier a secondary and tertiary teacher, Adele is skilled at developing and facilitating motivational and inspirational learning experiences. Words such as 'stunning', 'brilliant learning' and 'the best training we’ve ever had' have been used to describe Adele’s work. Professional life coaching is another string to Adele's bow. 


Adele’s home and her companionship have provided me with peace and inspiration for many years. May the same hopeful calm also be yours.

Katherine Faire

Adele speaking about Katherine:


Kind and compassionate, perceptive and intelligent, Katherine is a people person.

Originally trained in information management, Katherine gets to the heart of any matter quickly and effectively. She is widely read with a gift for seeking out, sifting through and succinctly summarising relevant material.

Katherine has a broad background in communications, change management and human relations in the public, private and start-up sectors. 

Succumbing to the lure of the lifestyle block, Katherine and her husband John left Auckland in 2015 and moved to the stunning Tawharanui Peninsula. As well as continuing with her communications consultancy, her life there has broadened to running her boutique accommodation Kaka Ridge Retreat and co-launching Zilience.

Being a great listener is the key to any effective communication and Katherine displays such excellence. 

Katherine has been a true and wonderful friend, coach and mentor to me since my early twenties. I’m so grateful to have Katherine in my life and to have had her input into developing and launching Zilience.





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